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Clare Clensy (nee Hanham) is a professional embroiderer based in Hilperton,Wiltshire.

The author of A Beginner's Guide To Silk Shading, Clare graduated from the Royal School of Needlework in 2000.  

Clare studied on the prestigious three year apprenticeship in traditional hand embroidery at Hampton Court Palace - a training little changed since its Victorian origins. 

During her time at the palace she learnt a range of embroidery techniques including restoration, regimental embroidery, church work, silk shading, gold work, white work, stumpwork, crewel work and canvas work, among others.


Since graduating, Clare has gone on to develop her business Vine Embroidery. She teaches embroidery classes and workshops, and gives talks to groups and societies about her experiences at the Royal School of Needlework and her life as a professional embroiderer. Clare also works on private embroidery commissions. 


She has designed a range of embroidery kits, and regularly writes for and designs kits for embroidery magazines, including Mary Hickmott's New Stitches magazine.

Clare is also available for private tuition sessions. Contact her for more details.

To read the interview with Clare in the West Country Life magazine (in the Western Daily Press), on August 21, 2010, click here.


Vine Embroidery kits are now available on Folksy at and Etsy at as well as at


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